Team One

Ahmad Kashiri, Manager

“I love my role with Frontier Support. Supporting people who have autism my personal passion and I have worked closely with John Biddulph which has helped deepened my knowledge and understanding of the daily challenges this presents for each person my team and I support.

I’m keen to learn and grow as a person but am also aware of the importance of developing my team. Frontier Support have given me access to range of training courses and I’ve taken full advantage of this opportunity, completing my level 5 in just eight months. I am also a NAPPI trainer for the organisation, which is about managing challenging behaviour.”

Beverley Murray, Manager

“I enjoy my role as manager at Frontier as it’s varied and no day is the same. At times, it can be challenging as stakeholders have high expectations and it can sometimes feel like things need to happen yesterday! But I really enjoy supervising a team and it’s great to watch people grow and develop as professionals within the sector.

The people my team support range from needing 24-hour support to low level outreach when staff are helping people maintain their tenancies.”

Paulette Rowe, Manager

“I have been part of the Frontier team from the outset. I’m one hundred percent committed to the people we support and have developed relationships that are built on honestly balanced with clear boundaries. I am respected by the support teams which means that people are happy help me out when situations arise, but my focus will always be on the people we support and I’ll drop everything if someone needs my help.”

Mark Daniel, Senior Man Power

I have been involved in Health and Social care since 1997, working with various organisation’s including Mencap. During that time, I have supported elderly people, adults with a Learning Disability, wheelchair users, people with sight impairments, people on the Autistic spectrum and those who display challenging behavior. I worked as a Care Worker, then Support Worker and then Senior Support Worker.

I began my journey with Frontier Support in March 2009 as a Team Leader, and then in Summer of 2010 I moved across to the administrative side of Frontier. My current role is Senior Manpower Co-Coordinator and I have responsibility for the Rota/Staff & Payroll management. This can be challenging, however in the long term I know that the position I hold is so important for the people we support in terms of ensuring that they get the right support on each and every shift.

Frontier Support is different to any other organisation that I’ve ever worked with, as we invest in our staff and support career choices. In addition, we ensure that staff are trained and qualified to work with the people that we support to help them lead the fullest life possible.

Danielle Cardow

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We are a support provider for people with learning disabilities in the UK. If you, or a friend or relative, are struggling with a mental health issue then you need to speak to your GP. MIND and SAMARITIANS are good sources of information. In crisis, the best port of call is the Emergency Services.

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